There are many other shops around the world who stock my books, so you might be able to find retailer nearer to you. Most of these retailers also sell online, click the shop name to visit their website.

United Kingdom
Handmade Shoes
Strömsholm Limited
Total Foot Protection
Central Forge
Whorl Publishing
Londonderry Forge Supplies
EVJ Book Shop
Handmade Shoes - France
Berger's Smedie - Denmark
Smedjeriet - Denmark
Ib Jessen ApS - Denmark
Strohm Farrier Supplies - Germany
Media Boekservice - Netherlands
Norsk Hovlagersenter - Norway
BeWe Horseshoes  - Sweden
DS Hovslageriprodukter - Sweden
Din Hovslafeributik - Sweden
Hovcompagniet - Sweden
Sandby Hovslageri - Sweden
Eurotrade Hoofcare - Switzerland
Well Shod - Texas *USA distributor*
Email for trade orders in USA
- Arizona, Kentucky, New Jersey

The Shoein' Shop - California
Canoga Farrier Supplies - California
Harry Patton Horseshoeing Supplies - California
Oleo Acres Farrier Supply - Colorado
Anvil Brand - Illinois
Hoof Prints - Indiana
DL Schwartz Farrier Supply - Indiana
Farrier Product Distribution - Kentucky
Breeders Farrier Supply - Kentucky
American + International Associations of Professional Farriers - Kentucky
Montana Farrier Supply - Montana
Centaur Forge - Texas, Wisconsin
The Shoe Box Farrier Supply - Alberta
Pro Farrier Supply - Ontario
Marechalerie Bromont - Quebec
High Country Horseshoes - Vancouver
Australia & New Zealand
Horse Books - Australia
Farrier Shop - Australia
JC Milton - Australia
Books on Horses - Australia
Goodlands Farrier School - Australia
Farrier Shop - New Zealand
Bryant Farrier - New Zealand